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Israeli court drags feet over case of Palestinian hunger-striker

28-1-2016 6:20 AM
OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)-- The Israeli Supreme Court turned down the appeals filed by the Palestinian hunger-striker Muhammad al-Qeiq to end his administrative detention and restore his freedom after his hunger strike in Israeli jails has entered its 64th day.

Lawyer Ashraf Abu Esneineh dubbed the court decision “strange and unclear.”

The Israeli court said the decision on whether to release al-Qeiq will depend on his health status, and that due to the critical downturn the latter has gone through an urgent hearing will be held by the court to finalize the decision.

The lawyer said a similar decision was issued against the ex-hunger-striking detainee Muhammad Allan sometime earlier.

Abu Esneineh added that the judge's procrastination as regards al-Qeiq’s case amounts to a rejection of his appeals and a disregard for his life.

Lawyer Jawad Boulos, from the Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS), also said that the occupation court left the decision on the appeals filed by al-Qeiq suspended.

He added that the court required a set of daily check-ups on al-Qeiq’s health status pending a final decision on his case.

Prisoner al-Qeiq has been on a hunger strike for 64 days running in protest at being held administratively, with neither charge nor trial, in Israeli occupation jails.

The Palestinian Journalist Bloc (PJB) also condemned the apathy maintained by the Israeli occupation vis-à-vis al-Qeiq’s critical health status, saying the occupation authorities rather aim to cold-bloodedly execute the detainee.

The PJB spoke out against the silence maintained by international human rights institutions as regards al-Qeiq’s case.

“Where have the Red Cross Organizations, Reporters Without Borders, the International Federation of Journalists, among other regional and international institutions been?” PJB wondered. 

The group called on all concerned parties to take up their responsibilities regarding al-Qeiq and to seriously work on saving his life before it is too late. 
28-1-2016 6:20 AM
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