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Occupation steals the dreams of her innocent childhood

The youngest female prisoner in the world ... Dima Wawi in Israeli jails

25-2-2016 1:37 PM
Dima Wawi a young Palestinian girl was frequently described in the Israeli media as a "terrorist" after she tried, according to the Israeli media, to kill Israeli settlers and soldiers while the fact is that Dima is only a twelve years old girl living happily in her family's house in the town of Halhul, north of al-Khalil city.

The Israeli occupation had arrested Dima near the settlement of Karam Tzur, which is established on the lands of al-Khalil, and accused her of trying to carry out a stabbing attack, although her young age and physique tell that it is impossible for her to be able to do such things.

Human rights organizations have tried to intervene for her release, but the Israeli occupation authorities insisted that she must stand trial before Israeli military courts. Dima was sentenced to four months and a half' imprisonment, in addition to paying a fine of eight thousand shekels. Thus, Dima became the youngest female prisoner in the world.

Dima follows the intifada news
Dima's mother, Um Rashid al-Wawi, told the Palestinian Information Center, that her daughter is still a child; that she likes to play, especially the games that include running, jumping and other sports games, she is beloved by her friends and she has a leading personality at school and at home.

She explained that her daughter was following the news and events related to the Jerusalem intifada (uprising), as she knew the names of the martyrs and the places and the way of their martyrdom, in addition to her extreme sympathy with the children who were killed by the Israeli soldiers.

The mother recalled that a day before Dima's arrest, Dima saw a photo for the captive journalist Mohammad al-Qeiq and seemed to be deeply touched by the thought of his children and asked many questions about how their life would be like if their father died.  

News of the arrest
On the day of her arrest Dima went to school in the morning as usual, the mother said: "In the afternoon my brother and some of the teachers at Dima's school came to my house, I was scared, I felt that something had happened to Dima, and expected death or injury. They said that she was arrested inside Karam Tzur settlement without any injury; I thanked God that she wasn't injured". 

The mother stresses that her daughter just wanted to send a message by going to the settlement and she did not do anything else. She was detained there.

Childhood innocence in the cage
On the day of Dima's trial, her mother saw her in a place she never imagined to see her daughter in; sitting in a small cage, her hands and legs cuffed, wearing a scanty blouse and her shoes were full of mud and water as the occupation soldiers took away her jacket and school uniform although the weather was extremely cold.

The mother described the scene in the court when she saw her daughter saying, "I was able to control myself and did not cry in front of her, taking into account her difficult psychological condition at that moment, I tried to approach her to give her a cover I was carrying with me but the soldiers refused, so I talked to her from afar. I asked her what they did to her in the prison, she answered that she was placed in in a dark cell all night, and they treated her harshly and violently, she elaborated. 

The mother reassured her child; because she thought that her daughter will come out of court with her as she is a child and will not be prosecuted, but the mother was shocked by the court's decision, which sentenced her little girl to four months and a half imprisonment.

Violating standards
Regarding Dima's life inside the prison, her mother said: "I miss Dima's presence in the house, and I keep wondering about her conditions and what she is doing inside the prison, whether there are enough clothes and blankets to protect her from cold, and whether her prison mates relieve her suffering from being a child in prison?! We do not know anything about her until this moment. "

Freed female prisoner Jurrn Qadah of Shaqba village district of Ramallah, who was released on 27/1/2016 from Hasharon prison, in which captive Dima al-Wawi is held, said that Hasharon prison is very bad, and the prisoners suffer from difficult living conditions, as there is a lack of clothing and blankets.

She added that the prison administration used to give a set of clothes and blankets to any new prisoner at the beginning of detention but with the increasing number of prisoners there are no new clothes for newcomers.

Ayed Abu Qutaish, the director of Accountability Program at the Palestine section of Defense for Children International (DCI), told the Palestinian Information Center that, "The international standard of juvenile justice, on which the occupation state has agreed by signing the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1991, states that children should never be deprived of their liberty arbitrarily, and that their detention is a last procedure.

Abu Qutaish said that Israel is the only country in the world that prosecutes children before military courts, which lack the proper judicial procedures of ordinary courts and where the rights and interests of a child are ignored. 

25-2-2016 1:37 PM
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2/29/2016 11:21:38 PM
I see that there`s a lot of ignorance in some of the messages, Terry, do you know that Palestinians are also Christians? so if you claim that Palestinians hate Jews & Christians then Palestinians hate Palestinians!!! What about Israeli Zionists hating everybody regardless of race or religion, as they believe they are above all nations! I say Zionist as those are racist and not Jews. Can`t you see that there`s an occupier and an occupied? this is the case of one little girl but there are many other cases of injustice. Surely, you cannot judge a nation based on some individual fanatics on either side! But you need to see the bigger picture of one nation occupying another. Have you been to Palestine? Have you seen segregation wall? have you experienced humiliation? deprivation? restriction of movements? curfew, and the list goes on, and on and on...could you stop for a second to think that this is the 21st century and all of this is happening! it is simply disgusting. I suggest prior posting anything to do your research and look for facts.