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Family blame PA for Israel’s assassination of Nayef

26-2-2016 9:40 PM
Omar Nayef with his Bulgarian wife
AMMAN/GAZA, (PIC)-- The brother of Omar Nayef, Hamza, held on Friday the Israeli Intelligence Service responsible for his brother’s assassination at the Palestinian embassy in Bulgaria, blaming, at the same time, the Palestinian embassy for not providing enough protection for him.

Hamza Nayef told the PIC reporter that “a group of unidentified persons raided the embassy and assassinated Omar.”

Omar was in the garden inside the embassy headquarters when he was brutally beaten, which led to his death, Hamza said.

Omar's wife received a call from the embassy informing her that he had been found dead in the garden covered with blood, and that an investigation was opened into the incident, he added.

"We hold Israel fully responsible for Omar’s assassination and we also blame the Palestinian embassy for not protecting him and facilitating his murder", according to his statements.

“My brother was being directly and indirectly threatened along the past three months by some individuals at the embassy, especially the ambassador, who repeatedly asked him to leave the headquarters where he was taking cover after being threatened by the Mossad,” he continued referring to Israel's overseas intelligence agency.

Hamza accused security guards present at the embassy of “collusion” in his brother’s assassination.

Earlier in December, the Israeli ambassador to Sofia asked the Bulgarian authorities to hand over the Palestinian former prisoner Omar Nayef who lives with his family in Bulgaria since 1994.

In a serious move, the Bulgarian authorities detained Omar's older son in order to exert more pressure on him after he refused to hand himself in to the police. Since then, Omar Nayef has taken refuge in the Palestinian embassy to escape extradition to Israel. 

Born in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin, Omar was convicted and sentenced by an Israeli court to life in prison in 1986 for carrying out an anti-occupation attack in occupation Jerusalem. During his detention, Omar "had been beaten and tortured in prison. He was once put in solitary confinement for 60 days". 

Yet, in 1990, Nayef was able to escape from his guards during a hospital visit and eventually made it out of the country. After living in various other Arab countries for four years, he moved to Bulgaria in 1994 and was later granted permanent residency.
26-2-2016 9:40 PM
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