Wed 10-July-2024

Daud Abdullah

Will Labor’s ‘change’ agenda include Palestine?

Throughout their election campaign the “changed Labor Party” solemnly promised to change the way politics is done.

Together they arise, united against apartheid

The Palestinian struggle against Zionist settler-colonialism, from Balfour to Biden, is one of the most well-documented of all liberation struggles.

Britain’s missed opportunity to redeem itself

This year’s International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People was yet another missed opportunity for Britain.

What does the Iron Dome debate say about American politics?

There was a time when Israel’s requests for US aid military or otherwise were granted spontaneously and unreservedly. That is no longer the case.

Whether it’s Afghanistan or Palestine occupations don’t last forever

Establishing an army or security apparatus to serve the interests of an occupying power is no easy task not even in the best of times.

Ramadan: A month of many names and virtues

Muslims could view Ramadan as an intense training course a time when they are afforded opportunities to rectify their lives.

Annexation is still inadmissible even by Israel

Israel’s project to annex 40 per cent of the occupied West Bank is hanging in the balance.

UNESCO should cry no tears over Israel’s departure

There will be no tears now Israel and the US have withdrawn from the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).

In Palestine it’s freedom for all or freedom for none

The Trump administration’s failure to secure a UN resolution condemning Hamas and other resistance factions was welcomed by Palestinians as a moral and political victory.

Free at last: A UN without US diplomatic blackmail

Not for the first time the free world has stood up for truth and justice in Palestine. The General Assembly’s vote against President Trump’s decision on Jerusalem was a victory for the rule of law over the law of the jungle.

Africa does not need a modern colonial master

The Twittersphere went into overdrive immediately after the cancellation of the controversial African-Israeli summit.

Israel’s occupation must end

Palestinian resistance against Israel’s brutal occupation is littered with many setbacks. The latest confrontation over Al-Aqsa Mosque was however a rare example of success.

Hamas outlines its vision for Palestine in the 21st century

One hundred years of oppression have not diminished or erased the Palestinian hope for freedom.

Mahmoud Abbas Needs to Decide which Side He’s On

It is perfectly normal for Palestinians to have political differences with the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) but it is wholly unacceptable for any Palestinian official or otherwise to call for the destruction and burning of the Gaza Strip in order to crush the group. Such threats are manifestly shameful and can only result in national disaster.

Israel has confirmed BDS as a strategic threat

It is now one week since the Israeli authorities arrested Omar Barghouti a co-founder of the Boycott Sanctions and Divestment (BDS) movement in Palestine. His arrest follows years of intimidation and threats by various state agencies.

Beware the ‘Two-state Solution’

“Tomorrow will look different — and tomorrow is very close.” So said Israel’s Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu in response to the just-concluded Paris conference on Middle East peace which he denounced as “rigged”.