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Rawya Hillis, a wheelchair-bound woman, suffers the ravages of war and displacement

The hopes of Rawya Hillis to improve her health condition and get rid of the wheelchair that has been her companion for 5 years have dwindled.

What does it mean to live in a tent in Gaza?

Across vast agricultural lands and along the coast in central and southern Gaza, tens of thousands of tents have become shelters for hundreds of thousands of Palestinians displaced by the ongoing, bloody Israeli war for the tenth consecutive month.

We Are Not Leaving: Gaza residents unite against forced displacement

"We are not leaving." With these simple words, Gaza residents summarize their stance as the Israeli occupation army renewed attempts to forcibly displace them from their city following thousands of massacres and horrific crimes over the past nine months.

Fleeing, terrified, and dying, a journalist’s testimony from northern Gaza

"On top of our famine, we are increasingly fleeing, terrified and dying," these are the words with which journalist Mahmoud Al-Amodi, who is residing in the northern Gaza governorate, summarizes a part of the horror and tragedy experienced by the residents of the north.

Waste and sewage in Gaza, a health disaster that deepens Gazans’ ordeal

Israeli occupation forces continue systematic destruction of water and sanitation facilities and waste management systems, turning it into a new method of slow death in the Gaza Strip.

A severe skin disease threatens the displaced in Gaza due to the environmental disaster

The displacement camps in the Gaza Strip are facing a new epidemic disaster, especially with the spread of the highly contagious skin disease "scabies".

Drinking water crisis: The daily struggle for finding water in Gaza

In the alleys of the Deir Al-Balah refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, the child Abdel Razzaq Labad searches for a place to buy a few liters of safe drinking water to quench his thirst in the scorching summer heat.

Release of Dr. Abu Salmiya exposes Israeli lies about Gaza hospitals

After seven months of arbitrary detention, the release of Dr. Mohammed Abu Salmiya, Director of Al-Shifa Medical Complex, by Israeli occupation forces without any charges shatters the mountain of lies that Israeli propaganda has long promoted about him and hospitals in Gaza.

Forced displacement, a tragedy chasing the Gazans across the war-torn Gaza Strip

Tens of thousands of Palestinians faced a new tragedy on Monday evening, after Israeli occupation forces (IOF) issued displacement orders for approximately half of Khan Yunis residents.

This is how Israel used Palestinian civilians as human shields in Gaza

New exclusive footage obtained by Al Jazeera on Sunday showed the Israeli occupation army using detained Palestinian civilians as human shields during the fighting in the Gaza Strip.

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