Mon 15-July-2024


This is how Israel used Palestinian civilians as human shields in Gaza

New exclusive footage obtained by Al Jazeera on Sunday showed the Israeli occupation army using detained Palestinian civilians as human shields during the fighting in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli systematic targeting of Gaza’s agricultural lands aims to starve the Palestinians

From a distance, the Palestinian farmer Mahmoud Qaddih looks at his agricultural land east of Khan Yunis, which he can no longer reach and cultivate due to the ongoing bloody Israeli war for the ninth consecutive month.

Haneyya’s family, a model of the Israeli revenge against the resistance leaders

As with the rest of the people, the resistance leaders pay a heavy price due to the Israeli criminal policy that goes beyond the assassination of leaders to target and kill their families, in one of the most heinous forms of brutal retaliation.

Stripped of excuses: Gaza’s starvation exposes the world’s lack of moral courage

The humanitarian calls and cries emanating from the mouths of the starving who are on the verge of certain death in the Gaza Strip are no longer due to the ongoing Israeli bombardment and aggression.

The lives of the displaced in the Gaza Strip threatened by sewage

Sewage is spreading extensively in the city of Deir Al-Balah, in the center of the Gaza Strip, which is home to around 700,000 Palestinians, the majority of whom were displaced from Rafah.

Targeting work teams, an Israeli crime to destroy the foundations of life in Gaza Strip

The targeting by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) of the Gaza municipality team responsible for securing the water supply for hundreds of thousands of residents and displaced persons was not an isolated incident.

North Gaza is dying of hunger, a final cry of anguish, is there anyone to answer?

Every morning, thousands of fathers, mothers, and children in northern Gaza set out on a grueling mission to search for any food that can stave off starvation.

For the first time in decades, war deprives Gaza students of secondary school exams

The General Secondary Education Examination (Tawjihi) began this morning Saturday in the West Bank and Palestinian schools abroad, while Gaza students are deprived of participating in it for the first time in decades; due to the Israeli war of genocide.

Torture, murder, and sexual assaults, journalist’s testimony of abuses in Israeli prisons

Horrific facts revealed by the imprisoned journalist Mohamed Arab in the first testimony from inside Sde Teiman prison, exposing the sadistic crimes committed by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) against Gaza detainees.

On World Refugee Day: Over 6 million Palestinians suffer from displacement

Today, June 20th, marks World Refugee Day, a day established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2000.