Sun 3-March-2024

Hamas Movement

Hamas: Israel’s attacks on aid convoys “insistence on its genocidal war in Gaza”

The Hamas Movement has described the Israeli occupation army’s targeting of aid convoys as an “insistence on its genocidal and ethnic cleansing war in the Gaza Strip.”

Hamas welcomes Eli shooting operation

The Hamas Movement hailed the shooting operation that killed two Jewish settlers at the illegal settlement of Eli as "heroic.”

Haneyya meets with Chinese envoy to Qatar

Head of the Political Bureau of Hamas Ismail Haneyya discussed with Chinese envoy to Qatar Cao Xiaolin the latest developments in Gaza and “ways to stop the war.”

Hamas: Al-Rashid massacre carried out with US complicity in starving Palestinians

Hamas Movement said the massacre committed by the Israeli occupation army at dawn Thursday against citizens who were waiting for humanitarian aid in western Gaza, leaving dozens of martyrs is a crime within the war of starvation.

Hamdan: The Paris truce proposal is a US attempt to save face

Senior Hamas official Osama Hamdan said that the Paris draft proposal for truce in Gaza is a US plan aimed at giving the Israeli occupation government more time to continue its aggression and launch new attacks.

Hamas calls for serious European positions against Israeli war on Gaza

The Hamas Movement has called on the European countries and the European Union to take practical and serious positions to prevent the Israeli occupation regime from persisting in its “criminal war” against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas: War of starvation in Gaza ‘disgrace to humanity’

The Hamas Movement slammed on Monday the administration of US President Joe Biden for enabling the Israeli siege on Gaza, which has brought hundreds of thousands of Palestinians to the verge of famine.

Hamas: Netanyahu rejects basic keys to the success of talks over Gaza

The Hamas Movement has said that Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu rejects the basic keys to the success of the ceasefire and prisoner swap negotiations and refuses to recognize the Palestinian people’s rights.

Paris talks resumed over Gaza's aggression

Paris talks resumed over Gaza’s aggression

Paris talks for a potential ceasefire agreement in the Gaza Strip and a prisoner exchange deal were resumed on Friday.

Hamas calls for holding Israel accountable over its crimes against civilians in Gaza

Hamas Movement called on Friday for holding Israel accountable over its horrific crimes against children and civilians in the Gaza Strip.

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