Sat 22-June-2024

Eman Abusidu

Why did Chile join South Africa’s genocide case against Israel at ICJ?

Speaking to the National Congress, Chilean President, Gabriel Boric, said that his country will join South Africa in its case at the International Court of Justice against Israel, based on the Convention on the Crime of Genocide.

What do pro-Palestine student protesters at Brazilian universities want?

As pro-Palestine protests continue at US and European universities, thousands of students at Latin America’s most prestigious university, the University of São Paulo (USP), have joined the movement against Israel’s genocide in the Gaza Strip.

Colombia cutting relations with Israel is brave in a cowardly world, says expert

A week ago, the Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the severing of diplomatic relations with Israel over the ongoing genocide in Gaza.

Israel’s aggression on Gaza is increasing Palestine solidarity in Latin America

Since the outbreak of Israel’s bombing campaign on Gaza, Palestine supporters have increasingly voiced concern over the genocidal policies being carried out in the enclave.

Brazil: ‘What war crimes has Israel not committed in Gaza yet?’ asks lawmaker

Brazilian Deputy Padre João and a number of his fellow lawmakers have asked Foreign Minister Mauro Vieira to work towards stopping Israel’s genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza.

Gaza solidarity sweeps across Latin America

The Palestinians in Gaza thought that they had experienced the most terrible war ever when in May 2021 civilians were killed and injured tens of thousands were displaced homes and vital infrastructure were destroyed and the supply of basic services was severely disrupted.

Some L American countries racing to move their embassies to Jerusalem?

As Argentina prepares for its 22 October presidential election far-right candidate Javier Milei who won the largest share of votes in the presidential primary elections has made it clear that one of the first steps he will take should he win will be to move the country’s embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Latin America’s presidents call for establishing a free Palestine

Latin American heads of state proclaimed the rights of Palestinians and called “for the necessity of establishing a free Palestinian state” at the United Nations General Assembly’s 78th Session.

Awareness of the Palestine cause is growing at Brazilian universities

Palestinian and Brazilian activists have organized a protest stand at the federal University of São Paulo (USP) against the “Israeli Kitchen” exhibition which was scheduled to take place this month.

Moving the Paraguay embassy to Jerusalem will be a wake-up call

Santiago Pena the 44-year-old economist and former finance minister won Paraguay’s recent presidential election returning the conservative Colorado Party to government.

Calls for Brazil to look for paths to peace in Jerusalem the ME

The Council of Arab Ambassadors in Brazil condemned the Israeli occupation’s attacks against Palestinians praying at Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem the continuous storming of the site by Israeli settlers and the targeting of many young people in different cities of the occupied West Bank.

Will Lula’s deep relations with US affect Brazil support for Palestine

After years shaped by international isolation during the Bolsonaro era when the Brazilian president did not open new doors or build any bridges with other countries — Jair Bolsonaro didn’t even maintain Brazil’s existing foreign relations — his successor Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva seeks to have kickstarted a new era.

4 Latin America countries condemn Israel for legalizing WB settlements

It seems that the return of the left wing in Latin America has now begun to bear fruit after expectations that President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (Lula)’s victory will lead to a profound change in the political arena in Latin America and a real threat to US hegemony in the region.

This Brazilian activist has worn the Palestinian keffiyeh for decades

The keffiyeh is a traditional scarf in the Arab world. The distinctive black and white Palestinian version has become one of the most iconic symbols of the struggle and resistance against Israeli occupation.

Palestine cause will be at the frontline of Brazil’s political scene

Lula da Silva the most famous politician leader in Latin America has triumphantly returned as Brazil´s President for the third time in a ceremony held at the National Congress in Brasília.

New President Lula Da Silva has dismissed the ambassador to Israel

In a step that is expected to indicate a shift in his country’s policy toward Israel new President Luiz Inácio “Lula” da Silva has dismissed Brazil’s Ambassador to Israel General Gerson Menandro Garcia de Freitas.