Sat 25-May-2024

Fareed Taamallah

The world must stop a second Nakba 76 years after the first

Every year, Palestinians commemorate the Nakba (the Arabic word for “catastrophe”) of May 1948, when the establishment of the state of Israel caused the displacement of more than 750,000 people, the demolition of hundreds of villages, and the seizure of nearly 80 percent of historic Palestine.

US sanctions should target all settlers and the Israeli state

US President Joe Biden has issued an executive order targeting Israeli settlers who have attacked Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, with the White House imposing financial sanctions and visa bans against four individuals.

In the West Bank we are under siege and see the West’s hypocrisy

As settlers and Israeli forces kill Palestinians with impunity the state is intensifying our physical and social repression.

Israel and the Water Crisis in Occupied Palestine

Last week the Palestinian Water Authority blasted Israel for significantly reducing the amount of water allotted to the West Bank.

How Israel is using the coronavirus emergency to annex the West Bank

The formation of the Gantz-Netanyahu coalition government has nothing to do with the pandemic it is purely a political move.

Israel is using coronavirus to implement the deal of the century

Palestinians are trapped between the pandemic and Israel’s brutal military occupation.

If Trump’s plan is not apartheid then what is?

The US ‘deal of the century’ will deprive me of my ancestors’ farm which would be either annexed to Israel or become an isolated island among annexed settlements.