Sat 13-April-2024

Issam Khalidi

Genocide in Gaza – Western Hypocrisy and FIFA’s Double Standards

In the same way that many others are concerned and outraged about the ongoing genocide in Gaza, I was listening to an Israeli official on MSNBC talking about “the massacre of October 7, and the war in Gaza.”

Dispersion of Palestinian Sports

Palestinian sports movement is unique in the modern age because no other people have experienced catastrophes displacement or dispersal as the Palestinians have.

The FIFA Message to Palestine the World

The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the international sympathy with Ukraine illustrate the hypocrisy and double standards the West employs to handle this issue as opposed to the silence and superior handling of other issues in Palestine Iraq Syria Afghanistan Yemen and Libya.

‘Fruits of Peace’: Beitar Will Remain a Bastion of Israeli Racism

Just recently Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Nahyan a member of the UAE royal family has pledged to invest 300 million shekels or about $90 million into the Beitar (Jerusalem) club over the next decade.

Why Should Palestinians Write Their Sports History?

Palestinian modern history is unique not only because of the Nakba (i.e. catastrophe) of 1948 and the expulsion of the 750000 refugees from their land but because this history consistently has been a subject of concealment distortion and theft.

When Palestinian Sports Become an Israeli Nightmare

Just recently Israeli police stormed the YMCA in Jerusalem in order to cancel a memorial service for the late sports activist Ahmed Adela.

When FIFA Abandons Its Principles for the Satisfaction of Israel

Sport has never been isolated from social economic or political aspects. Certainly the existence of sport outside the political arena is rare and in many cases we see the overlap between sport and politics so that it is impossible to separate each other especially in situations such as Palestine.