Fri 1-March-2024

Motasem A Dalloul

Israel has lost the world, as not even its lies can save it

The occupation state of Israel has a propaganda machine that reproduces lie after lie in order to generate sympathy around the globe.

Palestinians are at the end of the queue when it comes to international law

In a 45-minute phone call between US President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the former reiterated the importance of the release of the remaining 136 Israeli prisoners held by the Palestinian resistance in Gaza.

Hamas response to proposed ceasefire has embarrassed Netanyahu

The Palestinian Resistance Movement, Hamas, has handed over its response to the initial ceasefire deal recommended by a Qatari, Egyptian, French, Israeli and American summit held in Paris last week.

Has Israel achieved its goals after many massacres and now genocide in Gaza?

Even since 7 October, Israeli occupation leaders have mounted local and international defamation campaigns against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas embarrasses Israel, sends a strong message to the occupation

After 50 days of relentless Israeli bombing of the Gaza Strip and more than 20 days of ground operations, Israel was shocked to see Hamas release its captives from the besieged and occupied coastal enclave.

The truth damages the Israeli narrative built on lies

Israel launched its genocidal bombing of civilians in the Gaza Strip on a false narrative backed by the US and its other Western allies.

What help is 20 truckloads of aid to Gaza?

At the beginning of the brutal Israeli war on the besieged Gaza Strip Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that his government would cut Gaza’s electricity water and food.

Netanyahu & Biden lie to justify their crimes against the Palestinians

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu described the Palestinian fighters from the besieged Gaza Strip who entered the occupation state at the weekend as “savages” who “celebrate the murder of women children and the elderly.”

Why do Palestinians not deserve support for their self-defense?

Israeli occupation forces raid Palestinian cities villages and refugee camps in the occupied West Bank almost every day.

Are Palestinians facing Israel’s brutality alone?

Israeli occupation forces have increased their bloody incursions into the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem killing and wounding scores of Palestinians including women children and the elderly.

Israel can no longer rely on an acquiescent international community

The Zionist state of Israel has been receiving preferable treatment and support from an acquiescent international community mainly countries in the West which dominate international bodies and other countries around the world even before it was created in occupied Palestine in 1948.

Israel sponsors violent settlers the media whitewash their crimes

Over the last ten days of June hundreds of armed extremist Israeli Jewish settlers rampaged through Palestinian towns and villages in the occupied West Bank.

Bennett gave us a clear definition of who the terrorists are

Early this month during the Israeli occupation armys offensive on the northern occupied West Bank city of Jenin and its refugee camp BBC News anchor Anjana Gadgil interviewed former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and asked him whether the occupation forces are happy to kill children in Jenin.

Has Israel greenlighted the killing of senior Hamas leaders?

Early this week Israeli media reported that an anti-tank missile was launched from Lebanon at an Israeli military target. It also reported Israeli officials claiming that senior Hamas leader Saleh Al-Arouri had ordered the launch of the missile.

Israel offensive on Jenin is a propaganda show for Israel and the PA

In a pre-dawn series of airstrikes carried out shortly after 1 am on Monday the Israeli occupation forces began a wide-scale offensive on the northern West Bank city of Jenin and its refugee camp which top Israeli occupation officials claim have been giving a headache to Israel for years.

Will Israel’s offensive against Jenin end Palestinian resistance?

Israeli occupation forces and border police carried out a broad offensive on Monday morning against the occupied West Bank city of Jenin and its refugee camp.

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