Fri 17-May-2024

Mustafa Fetouri

Biden sanctions a few Israeli settlers, but what about the 1000s of US citizens in occupied Palestine?

The entire issue between the Palestinians and Israelis is about Israel’s occupation of Palestine; occupier and occupied.

How Gaza has changed the world and how to sustain the momentum it has created

Since October 2023, the entire world is clearly making its voice heard about Gaza, over and over again, and in many different ways.

UNRWA means more than a sack of rice and bowl of soup

Israel is upset and when it gets upset the entire world must take note and do something to make little sweetie Israel happy.

Administrative detention is inherited from the British, perfected by the US and abused by Israel

Last month Israel released 240 Palestinian prisoners as part of a deal with Hamas in which the latter released 105 hostages held in Gaza.

How Israel has grown up as the spoiled boy of the world

President Joe Biden once said, “If there were no Israel, the US would have to invent one.” When he first made the comment as Senator, back in 1986, he explained that it is in America’s interest to support Israel in this vital region of the world.

In flattening the Gaza Strip Israel’s bleak choices for the day after

Undoubtedly the Al-Aqsa Flood Operation launched by Hamas and its resident allies on 7 October is already having profound repercussions that will shape the political and strategic thinking for years to come.

On being militant terrorist and human animal

Western mainstream media has for the last three weeks covered the war on the Gaza Strip quite professionally in most cases.

What is Firing Zone 918 & how Israel uses it to grab Palestinian land

Israeli firing zones are usually closed military areas exclusively reserved for military training purposes.

What the PA should and should not accept

It appears that the Biden administration is working on a tight schedule with one of its top foreign policy priorities: normalization between its two Middle Eastern allies Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Jenin refugees: displaced yesterday but fighting back today tomorrow

Jenin is featuring a lot in the news these days particularly its refugee camp known simply as Jenin Camp.

Netanyahu’s six lies in one interview

In his first major international interview since returning to power Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to CNN earlier this month.

The irony of Israel offering to make peace between Russia and Ukraine

Occupiers do not criticize other occupiers do they? It does not make sense and it sounds ridiculous if they do.

Arab leaders claim to promote Palestine but actually do the opposite

The Arab League summit which has just ended in Algiers was hailed by Algerian officials pro government media and commentators as a success despite all of its shortcomings manifested in the absence of leaders of key countries such as Saudi Arabia and Morocco who were represented by their respective foreign ministers.

A failed lobbying trip for Israel not the United States

Even before landing in Israel the first leg of his Middle East tour President Joe Biden was already preoccupied with three issues: integrating Israel into the wider region rallying as many countries as possible against Iran and persuading the Saudis to pump more oil into the market to ease the high prices at the pump for the American consumers.

After AU revoked Israeli’s observer status it is time for more work

African Heads of States and governments meeting at the African Union’s Summit (AU) in Addis Ababa Ethiopia on 5 February decided to revoke Israel’s observer status to the continental bloc.

Israel is impeding America’s role as a world leader

Over the past five decades the US has used its veto in the UN Security Council on 52 occasions to protect Israel from even being censored or reproached let alone threatened with sanctions.