Sat 13-April-2024

Hossam Shaker

Hossam Shaker is a researcher and author consultant in media public relations and mass communication for a number of organizations in Europe and he resides in Vienna. He has an interest in analysis of European and international affairs as well as social and media issues

Europe is not serious about stopping the genocide in Gaza

Has Europe really stopped supporting the genocide, ethnic cleansing and starvation war taking place in Gaza? It is clear that changes have occurred in European positions recently, compared to previous months.

Why should the world believe Netanyahu and his army?

World leaders must believe Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli leaders without hesitation and benefit from the established method that provides the international community with extraordinary experience in how to act.

The bias of Western leaders does not help the Israelis wake up

The extremist government of Benjamin Netanyahu received overwhelmingly biased positions from Washington European and Western capitals.

Proposed speech for the President of the European Commission

On Nakba Day we remember the incidents of the systematic destruction of hundreds of Palestinian villages towns and residential areas and the forced displacement of their inhabitants 75 years ago.

A quarter of a century of coverage ended with an Israeli bullet

She carried her belongings and went with the Press team into the field to begin the news coverage.

Why doesn’t ‘normalisation’ really mean peace?

The new songs about peace are being sung as if the situation in the Middle East has come to a happy conclusion.

World continues to watch as Israel disregards human rights justice

As the date for Israel’s planned annexation of Palestinian lands draws closer Israeli circles have expressed growing concern about the consequences of the move.

What going home and staying there means for the Palestinians

“Stay at home” is the global command to curb the spread of the coronavirus Covid-19. It has a very different meaning for the people of occupied Palestine.

Netanyahu was unusually excited about a video call with an Arab nobody

Benjamin Netanyahu appeared to be unusually excited on the sidelines of the Likud party conference on 26 December smiling widely despite the troubles he is facing with politics and the law.

A quarter of a century after Oslo the game is over for Palestinians

The ‘two-state solution’ has revealed itself to be a hoax marketed to Palestinians for more than two decades.

A clash between Israel’s rifles and the eyes opened to its violations

On Friday November 15th photojournalist Muath Amarneh left his home wearing his uniform and blue helmet to cover the demonstrations by residents of the village of Surif near Hebron against the Israeli confiscation of their land.

Does Facebook impose curfews on Palestinians in the ‘blue world’?

When the Arab youth revolted in 2011 to demand freedom and democracy in their countries Facebook was the social media platform of choice for crowd mobilization a proven experience in other contexts around the world.

Muhammad a small child taken for an Israeli interrogation

Muhammad Rabi’ Elayyan was summoned by the Israeli police to be interrogated; the summons was handed to his family in occupied Jerusalem who had to take him to the police station.

Alarm bells should ring after the Manama workshop

Donald Trump’s administration has recently shown great interest in Palestinians and their welfare.

An international birthday for Rachel Corrie

“Happy Birthday Rachel!” This is what she would have heard in her hometown Olympia Washington.

What next after UN investigation into the bloodshed at Gaza protests?

Over the course of a year the Israeli government and its senior army officers have turned the Gaza Strip into a community of funerals walking wounded and amputated limbs.