Sat 13-April-2024

Wafa Aludaini

Wafa Aludaini is a Gaza-based journalist and activist. She contributed this article to the Palestinian Information Center.

Aid airdrops reveal international failure and complicity in dehumanizing Palestinians

International aerial drops of aid in the Gaza Strip are the result of further policies of collective humiliation and dehumanization of the besieged population in Gaza.

In resistance to Israel’s genocide, Palestinians unleash initiatives

Even under the genocidal eliminationist Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian people nevertheless uphold their will to strive, to fight, to survive and maintain righteousness on their own land.

Israel treats Palestinian detainees in a degrading way, in defiance of international law

Since the beginning of the Israeli ground invasion of the Gaza Strip on 27 October, the occupation forces have detained thousands of Palestinians, mostly civilians.

In Gaza even death is no end to suffering

Even in death murdered Palestinians find no relief from the brutal onslaught of the Israeli occupation.

Gaza exhales: Israel lifts Kerem Shalom export ban

After days of closure and exportation halts on Friday (8/9/2023) Israeli occupation authorities reopened the Kerem Shalom crossing to exports from the besieged Gaza Strip.

UN’s plan to cease food aid in Gaza will cause thousands of job losses

Dozens of Palestinian children rallied on Tuesday morning in front of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) headquarters in Gaza City to protest against the halt and suspension of the World Food Program (WFP) in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Detainees on security minefield after Ben Gvir provocative measures

In a video released on social Media February 6th Israeli Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir pokes fun at Palestinian detainees derisively displaying himself eating fresh bread while stating: “No baking is allowed in prisons ‘terrorists’ shouldn’t receive fresh baked goods. What we have done is the beginning of the beginning to stop the ‘summer camps’ in the prisons.”

Jerusalem attack exposes Israelization failure in Palestine

The resistance attack in front of a Jewish synagogue in the Neve Yaacov settlement which is built on the lands of the Palestinian town of Beit Hanina in Occupied Jerusalem on January 27 confused the Israeli occupation forces and exposed the fragility of their security regime and the failure of Israelization endeavors amongst the younger generation of Palestinians.

“I divorced my wife because I love her”

“I have turbulent feelings toward my wife. I love her yet I was forced to divorce her by the Israeli occupation. I mustered up all my courage and I did it” says Shu’aib Abu Snaineh a freed Palestinian detainee.

Israeli siege becomes a forced lifestyle for Gaza children

As we mark International Children’s Day I asked children from different areas across the besieged Gaza Strip about their desires and inclinations on this day.

The Palestinian olive harvest: A celebration of survival

The olive season in Palestine is not only the season for picking olives which is pressed and sold to earn an entire year’s living for families throughout Palestine.

School year begins in Palestine amidst ongoing Israeli targeting

As the new school year began in the Palestinian territories on August 29 1.4 million students poured into primary preparatory and secondary educational programs throughout the occupied Jerusalem the West Bank and the Gaza Strip amid ongoing Israeli occupation attempts to target students and their schools.

The Gaza Sea is Blue Again

As summer kicks off in occupied Palestine Palestinians in Gaza flock to the seaside as their sole respite.

Biden Wages War on Palestinians with Jerusalem Declaration

During the US President Joe Biden’s visit to occupied Palestine on Tuesday he signed a joint agreement for the strategic partnership with Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid called the ‘Jerusalem Declaration.’

The Untold Stories of Palestinian Women in Israeli Prisons

They endure “a living hell” inside the jails. But in the turmoil of Israeli occupation they are forgotten.

False Sovereignty

Under heavy protection by Israeli forces and severe restrictions on the Palestinians to access the Al-Aqsa mosque and travel through Jerusalem thousands of Israelis took part in Sunday’s annual Flag March marking “Jerusalem Day.”