Tue 16-July-2024

Palestinian Heritage

IOF destroys the second largest historical mosque in Gaza

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) destroyed the second largest historical mosque in Gaza, turning it into rubble, Quds Press reported.

Israel has destroyed Gaza’s heritage sites, but it cannot erase my memories of them

We rebuilt the Great Omari Mosque after its destruction in 1917; Palestinians will rise from under the new rubble and rebuild once more

Eid al-Adha arrives without ceremony as Israeli genocide hangs over Gaza

Rasmiyyah Eid was supposed to be in Saudia Arabia performing the ritual pilgrimage, or hajj. Instead, she is trapped in the beleaguered Gaza by the ongoing Israeli carnage since October 2023.

Tel Zu’rub: An ancient neighborhood in Rafah targeted by IOF

With increased killings, destruction, incursions, and targeting of archaeological sites, Israeli occupation forces (IOF) continue to defy the International Court of Justice's order to cease their aggression on Rafah.

Amid genocide in Gaza, kites are a lifeline for children

“It’s flying higher and higher!” shouts eight-year-old Ahmad Malaka, his kite soaring in the sky above him.

Historic building of Al Khalil municipality seized, doors closed by IOF

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) closed the doors of the old building of al-Khalil Municipality in the West Bank, in the Ain Askar area in the city center, in preparation for seizing it.

How Palestinians in the Gaza Strip Observe Eid al-Fitr

With no smell of Eid cookies or Alfesikh —salted or fermented fish — wafting through the neighborhoods and towns across the bereaved Gaza Strip, ...

Ramadan in Gaza: Food is scarce, but grief and despair are plentiful

For the 2.2 million Muslims in Gaza, Ramadan has historically been a time of joyous social gatherings, spiritual reflection, faith renewal, and cherished family reunions.

On keffiyehs and watermelons: The meaning of Palestinian symbols

Those who criticize Palestinian resistance to Israel’s military occupation, whether resistance is armed or otherwise, have little understanding of its psychological ramifications, such as a sense of collective empowerment, honor and hope.

Amid starvation & Israeli atrocities, Palestinians in Gaza welcome Ramadan

As Ramadan arrives, Palestinians across the Gaza Strip insist on celebrating the fasting month despite the ongoing Israeli atrocities, devastation, and mass starvation.

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