Mon 22-July-2024


IOF vast destruction of Gaza’s vegetation land

IOF vast destruction of Gaza's vegetation land

Gaza’s children victims of Israeli war

The following infographic details the numbers of Palestinian children victimized in the ongoing Israeli war of genocide on the Gaza Strip.

Gaza patients and injured denied treatment abroad

Tens of thousands of Palestinians were injured in the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip that started on October 7 last year.

Millions of tons of debris in Gaza Strip

UN data indicate that there are about 37.5 tons of debris in the Gaza Strip as a result of the devastating war launched by Israel against the besieged enclave over the past even months.

Impact of Israeli war on Gaza’s population distribution

Around 1.7 million Gazans have been internally displaced, more than half of whom are children, and they do not have access to sufficient water, food, fuel and medicine.

Israel’s cultural genocide in Gaza

The material loss Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have suffered in three months of Israeli bombing is unprecedented.

200 Days of the Israeli war of genocide on Gaza

The Israeli war of genocide on Gaza Strip has entered its 200th day today Tuesday 23/4/2024.

Dozens of Palestinian schools under threat of demolition

Most Palestinian schools threatened by demolition by the Israeli occupation authorities are located in West Bank areas that are coveted by Jewish settlers often serving herding communities that settlers try to evict.

Cancer patients in Gaza suffer from lack of medicine

The Ministry of Health in Gaza Strip has affirmed that more than 9000 citizens in the besieged enclave suffer from cancer.

Growing numbers of Palestinians suffer from depression

A recent study indicates that 50 percent of Palestinian residents of the West Bank and 71% of Gazans (58% of all Palestinians in the territories) exhibit symptoms consistent with depression.

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