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Gaza: Death toll surges to over 7703 as Israel intensifies attacks

Saturday 28-October-2023

As Israel’s genocide in the Gaza Strip entered its 22nd day on Saturday the death toll climbed to over 7703 Palestinian martyrs according to the latest reports amid intensifying Israeli bombardment last night and today.

Last night the Gaza population faced one of the deadliest nights of Israeli bombing so far in the US-backed genocidal war against them.

According to the health ministry in Gaza at least 3595 children and 1863 women are among the dead while the number of wounded citizens has surged to 19000 people.

Spokesman for the health ministry Ashraf al-Qudra said in a press conference on Saturday that the Israeli occupation army turned Gaza into a mass of flames and committed dozens of massacres that claimed the lives of 377 civilians during the past hours.

Qudra added that 53 Israeli massacres had been committed during the indiscriminate bombardment of different Gaza areas last night.

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