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ICRC: Humanitarian situation in Gaza is getting worse

Monday 30-October-2023

Regional spokesperson for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Iman Trabelsi said “The humanitarian situation in Gaza is getting worse every hour. What we along with other institutions have managed to bring in does not meet the massive needs we have monitored in the field.”
In press remarks on Monday Trabelsi explained that the Red Cross has managed over the period between Friday and Sunday to bring 9 trucks into the besieged enclave. The trucks were loaded with medical aids and water desalination materials in addition to an ICRC medical delegation to back up its crew who is already there in Gaza. The new team includes surgical doctors and specialists in weapons contamination water and disinfection.

The ICRC’s spokesperson stressed the need to work on a sustainable plan to bring in the humanitarian aids in consistence with the huge needs of the trapped residents in Gaza in light of the current crises within basic sectors especially water and health. 

She added that they have been concentrating right from the beginning on providing priority aids such as water and health services. The needs of the people in the Gaza Strip however go beyond that to include everything such as food basic supplies and safe shelter.

Since October 7 the Israeli army has been launching intense air strikes on the Gaza Strip and carrying out daily massacres claiming the lives of more than 8300 martyrs and 21000 wounded 70% of whom were children and women. In addition the ongoing aggression has led to displacing 1.4 million Palestinians and destroying completely or partially more than 200000 housing units amid continued cut off of basic supplies of electricity fuel food and water.


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