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Health ministry: Palestinian death toll in Gaza rises to 8306

Monday 30-October-2023

As Israel’s genocide in the Gaza Strip enters its 24th day on Monday at least 8306 Palestinians including 3457 children and 2136 women have been killed in the ongoing Israeli strikes on Gaza since 7 October the Palestinian health ministry said on Monday. An additional 21048 Palestinians have been wounded it added. 

The spokesman for the Ministry of Health Ashraf al-Qudra confirmed in a press conference on Monday that 908 massacres have been carried out in Gaza Strip leading to thousands of martyrs while large numbers of them are still under the rubble. 

Al-Qudra also pointed out that the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) have deliberately blocked the movement of ambulances to hinder saving the lives of the wounded and the patients.  

He asserted that 25 hospitals have become out of service and 25 ambulances have been bombed. 

The health ministry’s spokesman also underlined that ambulance crews have been unable to do their jobs and reach the victims due to continuous bombing.

He appealed to all international organizations to enforce the international law that provides for the protection of medical facilities.

Al-Qudra also made an urgent call for blood donations as available quantities do not suffice to save the lives of the escalating number of the wounded. 

He also asked Egyptian officials to open the Rafah border crossing to allow the entry of medical aids and the exit of the wounded.


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