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Abu Marzouk: Israel rejects Russia’s intervention in prisoners file

Monday 30-October-2023

Member of the Hamas Political Bureau Musa Abu Marzouk confirmed Russia’s readiness to assist with the issue of Israeli civilian captives in the Gaza Strip but Israel has not welcomed the Russian role.

Russia “provided a great service to the Palestinian people by not characterizing the resistance as terrorism and by not criminalizing the Hamas Movement for of its struggle for freedom and right of return” Abu Marzouk stated in an interview with Al Jazeera Net.

He explained that the Hamas delegation’s Russia visit came in light of the complex situations in the region noting that “Russia has a major role and presence in the Middle East.”

He pointed out that Moscow shares “a positive position towards the Palestinian people and the Arab-Israeli conflict and therefore we are consulting on many future issues.”

The aircraft carriers stationed in the Mediterranean and the US mobilization of forces in the region including those from Cyprus the Netherlands France Italy and Britain did not come in vain but rather to send messages to great powers such as China and Russia and also to major regional countries such as Iran he said.

The discussion with the Russian side he continued addressed these developments as well as future actions that must be taken in this regard including draft resolutions for a ceasefire at the UN.

He pointed out that Russia is willing to offer a wide range of services and assistance to the besieged Palestinians in the Gaza Strip “who are being punished by the Israeli war of genocide and starvation.”

Abu Marzouk described Western support for the Israeli occupation’s aggression against the Gaza Strip as “an evil alliance that wants to obliterate the Palestinian people’s rights.”

“Thousands are being killed in the Gaza Strip and thousands more are still under the rubble. They are being liquidated in cold blood with American weapons and with the support of Britain France Germany and others” he said.

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