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Hamdan: The US support will not save Israel

Friday 3-November-2023

Senior Hamas official Osama Hamdan has affirmed that Palestinians have one big goal that unifies them all. It comprises the liberation of Palestine the return of refugees and the release of prisoners he added.

He stressed that resistance in Lebanon would continue its operations if Israeli occupation forces (IOF) went on its aggression on the Gaza Strip pointing out that it is normal that Palestinian factions in Lebanon would take part in the battle since they are part of the Palestinian people.

This came in an interview with Al Jazeera Net published on Friday. The PIC mentions the most prominent points in the interview as follows:

In response to the question on how to halt Israeli carnages against civilians in Gaza in light of the Arab silence and the Western green light given to Israel to pursue its war crimes Hamdan stressed the importance of remaining present in the field and pressuring the Israeli occupation via media as it really has a strong impact on decision makers. 

“Peoples need to put pressure on their governments in order to take decisive measures including halting normalization and communication with Israel expelling its ambassadors and boycotting its products at all levels” Hamdan said.

He said that the US should know that the Palestinian cause is not the issue of Palestinians alone and that expanding the range of war would definitely harm its reputation and its interests in the region.

Regarding the schemes of displacing Palestinians in Gaza Hamdan said that this idea has proven to be unfeasible. “Despite the Israeli ongoing awful massacres and bombardment we have seen Gazans moving within the besieged enclave to avoid bombardment but no one has yet attempted to leave the Gaza Strip” he pointed out.  

The Hamas official also stated that no real negotiations have been taking place on the ground as Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu has been hindering and strongly rejecting all regional and international mediation efforts. “This is because he believes that a ceasefire agreement would necessarily mean the end of his political career and ending up in jail. That is why he does not care about the Israeli soldiers killed or those held captives in Gaza and that is why he is willing to commit more crimes against the Palestinian people” Hamdan elaborated.

“We have presented several offers and thoughts in this regard basically a total ceasefire a complete and permanent opening of Rafah border crossing and lifting the siege on Gaza before we can talk about a prisoner swap deal” he said.

Hamdan underlined that the US administration has been keen on supporting the Israeli aggression to the extent that it has been suggesting “a future Gaza Strip without Hamas”. The sole purpose of such a proposal is to come up with a puppet Palestinian leadership that would be obedient to Israel and the US he explained.

Hamdan described the Russian and Chinese positions towards the war as being very positive affirming that his Movement has been in contact with both countries to convey the vision of the Palestinian people and its resistance. 

Referring to the real situation in the ground battle the Hamas senior official asserted that all the Israeli attempts to advance into the Gaza Strip have failed after sustaining big losses. 

Hamdan concluded by hailing the steadfastness of the Palestinian people and resistance in confronting the Israeli ongoing aggression that has been ongoing for almost a month now. 

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