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Many killed as Israel bombs hospital wounded civilians in Gaza

Friday 3-November-2023

Israeli airstrikes hit civilians and wounded citizens at the main entrance of Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City massacring and injuring dozens of them on Friday evening.

According to Gaza’s health ministry the strikes on al-Shifa hospital happened at the hospital’s main gate with footage from the scene showing bodies strewn next to ambulances.

Local officials told Al Jazeera satellite channel that an ambulance convoy leaving Al-Shifa Hospital for the Rafah border crossing was struck by the Israeli occupation army.

A convoy of ambulances and cars were also chased and targeted multiple times by Israeli warplanes as they were trying to head south via al-Rashid road the officials added.

Dozens of civilians including wounded people were either killed or injured during the Israeli strikes on the hospital and the convoys.

Officials said that all the concerned parties including the Red Cross were told in advance that convoys carrying wounded civilians started to move to the Rafah crossing as a prelude to taking them to Egypt for medical treatment.

A number of citizens who took refuge in Al-Shifa Hospital were among the victims.

Meanwhile Israeli warplanes also bombed streets and homes near the Indonesian Hospital in northern Gaza and near Al-Quds Hospital in Tal al-Hawa neighborhood in Gaza City with no reported casualties.

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