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Hamdan calls for opening Rafah crossing on permanent basis

Saturday 4-November-2023

Senior Hamas official Osama Hamdan has said that the Palestinian resistance has been running the battle with the Israeli occupation so efficiently and Israel has failed to achieve any progress in the war. 

Hamdan said in a press conference held in Beirut on Saturday “the Israeli occupation army has been targeting civilians in Gaza to cover up its failure in the war. It has committed 1000 massacres against Palestinians in Gaza the last of which bombing ambulances.” 

“Hospitals are sustaining a disastrous situation in light of the acute shortage of fuel and medical needs. The humanitarian aids that are being brought into the blockaded enclave do not suffice. Rafah crossing must be opened permanently” he added. 

The Hamas official held the US administration and President Joe Biden in particular responsible for what has been going on in Gaza. He also slammed the Arab official stands describing them as weak and below the anticipated level.

Hamdan underlined that journalists and media offices have been targets of Israeli bombing and called for continuing the solidarity activism to demand halting the Israeli aggression on Gaza which has been ongoing for almost a month.

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