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Gaza: Israel kills one civilian every four minutes

Monday 6-November-2023

The health ministry has said that one Palestinian civilian is killed every four minutes due to the relentless Israeli bombardment of the beleaguered Gaza Strip since October 7.

According to the health ministry in Gaza the Israeli occupation army kills six children and four women every hour in aerial or artillery attacks.

Spokesman for the ministry Ashraf al-Qudra told a news conference on Monday evening that the Israeli army committed 19 massacres during the last hours in the Gaza Strip claiming the lives of at least 252 civilians.

Qudra said that the death toll as a result of the Israeli aggression against Gaza since October 7 climbed to 10022 people including 5104 children and 2641 women while the number of wounded civilians reached 25408.

“The occupation is waging a vicious war on hospitals and ambulances in the Gaza Strip” the spokesman said.

He accused the Israeli army of lying about the presence of safe corridors for displaced civilians and medical personnel warning that Israel’s alleged safe routes are “nothing but corridors of death.”

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