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PFLP warns of talks on so-called post-aggression administration

Tuesday 7-November-2023

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) has warned against the participation of Palestinian figures in any public or secret talks to discuss so-called post-aggression administration of Gaza or eliminating resistance.

The PFLP said in a statement on Tuesday that anyone proven to have participated in any of these meetings does not represent the Palestinian people its convictions nor constant national stands.

The Front stressed that Palestinians are determined to maintain steadfastness resistance and confrontation against the Israeli aggression which is a national and popular choice. Whoever goes against this consensus is complicit and accomplice in the aggression it added.

The PFLP reiterated its stance that any meetings or projects promoted by the US administration the West or anyone else to discuss the post-aggression future of Gaza aiming at creating an authority or installing an administration against the will of the people will be rejected and any such authority or administration will be dealt with as an occupation authority.

“The resistance will defeat the Israeli aggression and its occupation forces and will dissipate the illusion of creating a new de facto situation” the Front said. 

Talks have reportedly started on Monday in Geneva with the participation of figures from the Palestinian Authority to discuss the so-called post-aggression Gaza administration.


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