Fri 17-May-2024

10818 Palestinians killed in Israeli aggression on Gaza

Thursday 9-November-2023

As Israel’s genocide in the Gaza Strip continues for more than a month the death toll has climbed to over 10818 victims including 4412 children 2918 women and 667 elderly people.

The Palestinian Health Ministry reported that 26905 other people have been injured so far.

The spokesman for the Health Ministry Ashraf Al-Qudra confirmed that the Israeli occupation committed 20 massacres over the past 24 hours claiming the lives of 249 victims.

As a whole 1118 Israeli massacres have been carried out against Palestinian families since the start of the aggression.

Al-Qudra pointed out that 2650 people are still missing under the rubble including 1400 children.

He also emphasized that attacking civilians runs counter to both the Fourth Geneva Convention which guarantees civilian protection during times of war and UN General Assembly resolutions protecting Palestinian civilians.

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