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Hamas calls for protests to demand a halt to the genocide starvation

Thursday 9-November-2023

The Hamas Movement has called for the continuation and escalation of worldwide Pro-Palestine protests to demand halting the Israeli bloody aggression on the Gaza Strip which has left children struggling with thirst and starvation.

Hamas said in a statement on Thursday “This call comes in light of the Israeli barbaric aggression and bombardment that have been ongoing against our Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip for 34 days in a row. It also comes to protest the escalation of the Israeli heinous crimes amid cutting off electricity fuel and food supplies to the Strip leaving children to face death as a result of starvation and thirst”. 

“We renew our call on the masses of our people the Arab and Islamic nation and the free people of the world to escalate their movement and expand and sustain their mobilizations in all cities capitals and squares and on all continents of the world in support of the rights of our people to liberation return and self-determination and to denounce the Israeli aggression and the US support” the statement added.

Hamas declared the coming Friday Saturday and Sunday to be days of solidarity with the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip to put pressure on the Israeli occupation authority as well as the US administration to halt the genocide being carried out against defenseless civilians in Gaza. 

The protests are planned to be held under the slogan “Stop the genocide and starvation… Freedom for Palestine” it added.

For 34 successive days the Israeli army has been waging a bloody war on the Gaza Strip destroying residential buildings on top of their inhabitants and carrying out thousands of airstrikes resulting in 40000 martyrs wounded and missing people under the rubble.


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