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Al-Arouri: Our people will definitely win

Thursday 9-November-2023

Sheikh Saleh Al-Arouri deputy head of Hamas Movement expressed his Movement’s conviction in the inevitable victory of the Palestinian people. 

Al-Arouri said in a televised interview with Al-Aqsa TV channel Wednesday evening that the Israeli occupation forces’ (IOF) ground incursion into the besieged Gaza Strip will subject the IOF to more losses in casualties and equipment which will deepen its crisis. 

The Hamas official stressed that Palestinian resistance in the West Bank and Gaza Strip will always continue until the end of the occupation because the Palestinian people refuses to submit. 

“We will never accept the division of Palestine Jerusalem or sanctities. It cannot be acceptable to renounce our humanity Islam Christianity identity as Palestinians and Arabs. Thus we will continue our legitimate resistance of the terrorist occupation” Al-Arouri said. 

He highlighted that the IOF has been supported and covered particularly by the US and some other countries while committing its unprecedented crimes of killing Palestinians knocking down their houses and carrying out massacres against civilians in front of the whole world.

The Hamas official underlined that the West has offered Israel the green light to practice its savage and heinous war crimes and to deliberately murder women and children. 

“This battle has uncovered the brutal reality of the USA and exposed the world’s failure to protect and save civilians and children” he said.

Al-Arouri strongly condemned the IOF’s targeting of hospitals describing the Israeli allegations on using Al-Shifa hospital by the resistance as ridicules because it provides shelter to dozens of thousands of the displaced people in addition to those who are receiving treatment at the medical facility. 

Displacement plan  
The deputy head of Hamas affirmed officially the failure of the policy of displacing the Palestinian people in Gaza with its two stages: first to southern Gaza and second to the outside world.

The percent of those who moved from northern Gaza to the south does not surpass 25%. They were left no other choice but to leave under intensive relentless bombardment he elaborated.

Al-Arouri warned that the Israeli army has been planning to destroy the medical system of Al-Shifa Hospital to create a state of chaos and deterioration among the stranded people in the blockaded enclave under the pretext of being allegedly used by the resistance.  

The Hamas senior official extended his Movement’s appreciation and gratitude to those who took action in support of the Palestinian people especially in the Gaza Strip who are passing through the toughest situation ever. 

He also hailed the resistance in Lebanon under the leadership of Hezbollah and praised the participation of Yemeni and Iraqi resistance in defense of the Palestinian people expressing his hope that the “Axis of resistance” would level up its involvement in the battle. 

The West Bank arena 
Al-Arouri asserted that IOF soldiers are heavily deployed in the West Bank amid strict security measures and suffocating conditions in an attempt to contain the situation and prevent the involvement of West Bankers in the defense of the people in Gaza. 
“The West Bank has never let us down. The IOF has been continuously practicing its criminality against Palestinians in the West Bank. Around 170 martyrs have fallen in the West Bank since October 7 which is equal to the death toll of martyrs who have been killed by the IOF in the West Bank since the beginning of the year” he said. 

Al-Arouri urged the youth in the West Bank to take action in defense of the people in Gaza stressing the necessity to make the IOF pay for its crimes being committed in Gaza.


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