Fri 17-May-2024

Resistance fighters clash with Israeli forces destroy tanks in Gaza

Saturday 11-November-2023

Since last night Palestinian resistance fighters have been clashing with infiltrating Israeli forces and attacking their tanks and armored vehicles at point-blank range in different areas of the Gaza Strip amid rocket fire at Israeli settlements.

The Palestinian Information Center (PIC) reporter said that fierce clashes had been taking place in the streets of Gaza City between resistance fighters and Israeli soldiers amid intensive artillery and aerial bombardments.

In the morning al-Qassam Brigades of Hamas said that it fighters destroyed three Israeli armored vehicles with Yassin 105 projectiles in the southwest of Gaza City.

For its part Islamic Jihad’s armed wing al-Quds Brigades said that a group of its fighters engaged in violent clashes with Israeli forces in Tal al-Hawa area and al-Shati refugee camp adding that a number of Israeli soldiers were either killed or injured during the skirmishes.

Al-Quds Brigades also said that its fighters shot down an Israeli unmanned reconnaissance aircraft (IAI Eitan) in Gaza and showered Kissufim settlement with a volley of rockets.

Meanwhile Palestinian media sources reported that fighters from al-Qassam Brigades ambushed a large number of Israeli tanks and were able to destroy many of them and kill several soldiers in Gaza City.

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