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Kaila: 39 premature babies at risk of death at Al-Shifa Hospital

Saturday 11-November-2023

Palestinian health minister Mai al-Kaila has warned that 39 premature babies are at risk of death as a result of the Israeli targeting of Al-Shifa Hospital and the cut-off of the power supply to large parts of the hospital.

“Targeting hospitals and medical and ambulance personnel in the Gaza Strip in the midst of the ongoing Israeli aggression for the 36th day running is a war crime and genocide” Kaila told a news conference on Saturday in Ramallah.

The health minister said the situation in the hospitals of the Gaza Strip reached an unprecedented level with hospitals medical staff and ambulances being targeted.

“The international law international humanitarian law and international treaties have become dead letters after committing all these massacres in the Gaza Strip because of their failure to protect the hospital from being bombed and stop the Israeli machine of destruction and killing” she underlined.

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