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PRCS: Al Quds Hospital out of service

Sunday 12-November-2023

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) announced on Sunday that the Al-Quds Hospital is out of service and no longer operational due to the lack of fuel and power outage.

The PRCS said in a statement that its medical personnel are working so hard to provide medical services for the sick and the wounded even with traditional methods amid deteriorated humanitarian conditions and shortage of medical equipment food and water. 

The PRCS said that despite its repeated appeals to the international community and humanitarian organizations to allow the entry of urgent aids to Al-Quds Hospital which has been under siege and power outage for almost a week now the hospital was left to withstand alone in the face of the Israeli ongoing relentless bombardment within its vicinity and targeting its facilities putting the lives of medical staff along with the patients the wounded and the displaced people at risk.

It has charged the international community and all countries which signed the Fourth Geneva Convention of being responsible for the total collapse of the health system and the deterioration of humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip.

The PRCS renewed its call on international organizations and bodies operating in the health and relief sector to take action for the sake of the entry of humanitarian aids and urgent needs of Gaza and Northern Gaza districts immediately to save what has been left of the medical centers that would guarantee a sustainable health service in the operating hospitals. 

The Palestinian health ministry had previously announced that 22 out of 35 hospitals in Gaza were out of service dozens of health centers became nonoperational in addition to the martyrdom of 200 of medical personnel as a result of the Israeli ongoing aggression on Gaza. 


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