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Turkish ship arrives in Egypt to establish field hospitals at Al-Arish

Tuesday 14-November-2023

A Turkish ship loaded with equipment to set up eight field hospitals in addition to aid have reached the port of Al-Arish in Egypt near the Rafah border crossing with Gaza Strip an official in the port located in northern Egypt’s Sinai told AFP news. 

This marks the first aid shipment containing medical equipment supplies and ambulances to establish field hospitals to arrive in Egypt close to the besieged enclave now that most hospitals in Gaza are reported to be out of service according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

An official in the Turkish Ministry of Health has affirmed that Turkey sought approval from Egyptian authorities to establish these hospitals in Al-Arish located 40 kilometers from the Rafah crossing.

He asserted that the Egyptian authorities have given their approval saying “They have already given us the green light and we will establish the hospitals in the designated locations.”

Since the beginning of the Israeli bloody aggression on Gaza more than 6 weeks ago the Rafah crossing the only outlet for the besieged Gaza Strip to the outside world has been intermittently opened allowing only limited aid to enter the Strip and the exit of a limited number of the injured in addition to hundreds of foreigners and dual nationals. 

Doctors Without Borders warned that hospitals in Gaza City could become “morgues” as thousands of Gazans of northern Gaza have been crowded into hospitals surrounded by tanks and subjected to Israeli airstrikes. 

Meanwhile the wounded have no choice but to remain homeless roaming the streets amid tragic conditions with no shelter medicine or food as the ambulances have been unable to transfer the injured in light of the Israeli targeting of every movement in the vicinity of hospitals. 

Since October 7 the Israeli army has been waging an atrocious aggression on the blockaded Gaza Strip claiming the lives of more than 11000 Palestinians mostly women and children and destroying the health sector and various vital facilities in Gaza.


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