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Hamas welcomes Belize’s decision to suspend ties with Israel

Wednesday 15-November-2023

The Hamas Movement has welcomed the decision taken by the government of Belize a country in Central America to suspend its relations with the Israeli occupation due to its “indiscriminate bombing” in Gaza since early October.

In a statement Hamas called on the world to shoulder their legal and moral responsibilities and isolate Israel which it described as a “fascist entity.”

The Movement also called for international action to hold the Israeli occupation regime accountable for its crimes against humanity and its genocide in the Gaza Strip.

The government of Belize said on Tuesday it would suspend diplomatic ties with Israel over its refusal to implement a ceasefire in Gaza and its mass killing of civilians.

“The Government of Belize has repeatedly condemned the actions of the IDF in Gaza. We have appealed to Israel to implement an immediate ceasefire and to allow unimpeded access to humanitarian supplies into Gaza. Despite our requests Israel has not stopped its violations of international humanitarian law nor allowed relief workers to alleviate the suffering of millions of Gazans” the Belize statement said Tuesday.

“Belize renews its call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza unimpeded access to humanitarian supplies into Gaza and the release of all hostages” the statement added.

The Central American nation has also withdrawn its accreditation for its ambassador in Israel and suspended all its diplomatic activities in Tel Aviv.

Belize has joined several regional neighbors including Colombia Chile and Bolivia that have severed diplomatic ties or recalled ambassadors to Israel.

A number of countries across the Middle East and Africa including Türkiye Jordan and South Africa have also recalled ambassadors in recent weeks.

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