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Haneyya: Israel has submitted to the terms of resistance

Friday 24-November-2023

The head of the Hamas Political Bureau Ismail Haneyya hailed on Friday the Palestinian people for their heroic steadfastness and praised the resistance for its achievements and confrontation of the Israeli occupation.

In a recorded speech broadcast on Friday evening Haneyya said “We managed with great pride to confront the occupation break its will and thwart its plans.”

“Israel has submitted to the terms of resistance and will of our people who played a great role in achieving this (ceasefire) deal” Haneyya added. 

He said “The Movement affirms its commitment to implementing the humanitarian ceasefire agreement as long as Israel adheres to it.” 

“We along with Egypt and Qatar have been making diligent and active diplomatic efforts over the previous period until this agreement was reached” he stated.

Haneyya expressed his sincere gratitude to both countries stressing his “readiness to continue working with the two countries to achieve a comprehensive cessation of the aggression on Gaza provide urgent relief to Palestinians in Gaza and protect the Palestinian people in Jerusalem and the West Bank.”

Haneyya hailed the families of martyrs and wounded for their great sacrifices. 

The Hamas leader also praised the Lebanese people for their steadfastness and resistance which has greatly impacted the Israeli occupation as well as the Islamic resistance in Iraq and Yemen for taking part in the battle. 


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