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Hamdan: The Israeli army’s announced death toll is not accurate

Wednesday 29-November-2023


Senior Hamas official Osama Hamdan has affirmed that the Israeli occupation army’s announcement about the number of its soldiers and officers killed during its land operation is not accurate and the death toll is much higher.

In a news conference held on Tuesday evening in Lebanon, Hamdan described the Israeli government’s declaration that it was ready to resume the war as “hollow and intended for local consumption.”

Hamdan warned that the enemy’s losses would increase if it decided to continue its aggression against Gaza.

Hamdan underlined that the enemy failed at all levels to confront the steadfastness of the Palestinian people and the courage of the resistance.

The Hamas official also said that the delivery of captives by al-Qassam Brigades from various areas of Gaza contradicted the Israeli army’s claims of control, adding that its forces “have not set foot on 80 percent of the land in Gaza.”

“The Israeli occupation only understands the language of force … If we had not have captives, our prisoners would not have been released from the occupation’s prisons,” he underlined, describing the liberation of female and child prisoners from Israeli jails as a “national achievement.”

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