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Palestinian prisoners suffer from unprecedented measures in Israeli jails

Thursday 30-November-2023


Palestinian prisoners have sent a message regarding the retaliatory and repressive measures they are being exposed to inside Israeli jails.

“Since October 7, the Zionist enemy has been waging its revenge war against the Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank and prisons to cover up the defeat they sustained in Operation ‘Al-Aqsa Flood.’”

According to their message, the Israeli jailers have committed “heinous crimes” against the prisoners in all jails, simultaneously with the “war crimes” and the “crimes against humanity” that are happening against Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, with US support.

The prisoners called on the Qatari and Egyptian mediators, the International Committee of the Red Cross, the UN, and the free world’s countries to necessarily pressure the Israeli occupation authority to stop its vengeful attacks and systematic crimes against them.

The Palestinian prisoners complained of being held captive under harsh detention conditions and inside cells that were turned into “deadly caged graves,” affirming that a number of them were “assassinated” recently in different Israeli jails.

The prisoners applauded the resistance in Gaza for treating Israeli and foreign captives humanely and kindly, unlike the inhuman and abusive treatment the Palestinian prisoners receive from Israeli jailers.

Since October 7, the Israeli prison service has escalated its repressive and punitive measures unprecedentedly against the Palestinian prisoners. Six detainees were recently killed after their exposure to excruciating torture at the hands of Israeli officers.

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