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Gaza: Hundreds of seriously wounded citizens need treatment abroad

Saturday 9-December-2023


The Palestinian health ministry in Gaza has called for urgently opening the Rafah border crossing to save the lives of 7,000 wounded civilians, whose conditions are extremely serious and who need urgent medical assistance abroad.

In a statement on Saturday, general director of the health ministry Munir al-Barsh said that there are more than 46,000 wounded people in Gaza, but only 388 of them were allowed to leave through the Rafah crossing to receive medical treatment abroad.

“The Palestinians are dying in Gaza and not allowed to receive treatment abroad. This is outrageous,” Barsh said in previous remarks.

He also said that the displaced civilians in shelter centers suffer from stomach diseases and epidemics as a result of their use of contaminated water, adding that the hospitals in southern Gaza cannot handle the huge numbers of wounded citizens who were transferred from the northern areas.

He pointed out that over 100 wounded citizens suffering from serious burns came from northern Gaza to hospitals in the south.

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