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Popular Conference calls for decisive measures to halt Israeli aggression on Gaza

Saturday 9-December-2023

The Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad called on the international, Arab, and Muslim parties to take decisive measures to immediately halt the Israeli aggression and genocidal war being waged on Gaza and to open border crossings to allow the entry of humanitarian, relief, and medical aid in addition to fuel and all necessary needs to the besieged enclave.

The Popular Conference confirmed, in a statement on Friday, its refusal of the Israeli plans aiming at displacing the Palestinian people from Gaza.

The statement hailed the steadfastness of the Palestinian people and reiterated that Palestinians inside and outside Palestine adhere to their right of return and persist in fighting for its achievement.

It also appreciated popular and official positions that stood against the Israeli aggression on Gaza, severed diplomatic relations with Israel and called for holding it accountable, most notably South Africa.

The Popular Conference called on all Palestinians abroad to engage in field events in solidarity with and support of the Palestinians in Gaza and to put pressure on the international community to end the Israeli aggression on the blockaded Gaza Strip.

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