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Palestinian activists call for global strike on Monday

Sunday 10-December-2023

National and Islamic forces and activists in the West Bank and Jerusalem have called for participation in the global strike on Monday, December 11, in rejection of American bias towards the occupation and in support of Gaza.

The national and Islamic forces explained that the global strike comes as a confirmation of the rejection of American hegemony and in condemnation of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip in addition to a show of solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The forces emphasized the need to take to the streets and city squares, villages, and refugee camps to express unity of blood and destiny and in support of the innocent civilians and to send a message to the world that the Palestinian people will stand strong against attempts of uprooting and displacement.

They added, “The peoples of the earth as a whole will unite in the face of the injustice, killing, and racism practiced by the Israeli occupation state, and the blood of children, women, and the elderly who were victims of the organized state terrorism and the crimes of the Israeli war.”

The forces stated that the world refuses the blatant US support for the occupation state in its war against our children and people and rejects the “veto” that failed to pass a Security Council resolution to stop the war in Gaza.

They clarified that “the strike is a message from people with living conscience to stand by our people and their legitimate rights in return, self-determination, and full national independence in their sovereign state with Jerusalem as its capital”.

The youth movement in Palestine called for escalating the confrontation and launching marches from all cities, villages, and camps in the West Bank and Jerusalem in response to the escalating occupation crimes in the West Bank and Gaza and announcing a comprehensive strike tomorrow, Monday.

Several calls have been made in the West Bank governorates to gather in city centers, head to confrontation points and bypass roads, and engage the occupation forces.

At the same time, activists and youth movements in Jerusalem called for participation in the global comprehensive strike tomorrow, Monday, to demand an end to the genocide in the Gaza Strip and reject the ongoing aggression on the besieged enclave, which has resulted in thousands of martyrs and wounded.

Activists stressed the necessity of adhering to the strike and stopping all forms of life in the holy city, considering this strike as a step that may contribute to stopping the bleeding in the Gaza Strip.

The youth movement affirmed that there is no normal life while Gaza is suffering, calling for expanding solidarity campaigns with Gaza in all fields and arenas and in all forms.

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