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Hamas values Yemen’s decision to target Israeli-bound ships

Sunday 10-December-2023


The Hamas Movement has appreciated the decision taken by the Yemeni leadership in Sana’a to prevent any Israeli-bound ship of any nationality from passing through the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden if the Gaza Strip does not receive its food and medicine needs.

“We consider such a [Yemeni] decision a brave and bold decision that avenges our people’s blood in the Gaza Strip and stands in the face of the Zio-American aggression,” Hamas said in a statement on Saturday.

Hamas called on other Arab and Islamic countries to use their capabilities to put an end to the ongoing massacres and the war of starvation and thirst against the Gaza population.

Yemen’s armed forces said on Saturday they would target all ships heading for Israel, regardless of their nationality, and warned all international shipping companies against dealing with Israeli ports.

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