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Euro-Med accuses Israeli forces of committing atrocities to displace Gazans

Monday 11-December-2023


The Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor has accused Israel of forcibly displacing the civilians in Gaza City and its north by committing horrific massacres, carrying out field executions and arbitrarily arresting civilians and abusing them, including women.

In a statement on Monday, the Euro-Med Monitor also accused Israeli forces of escalating their abusive and arrest campaigns against civilians in Gaza in recent days, especially against citizens in shelter centers and houses while committing horrific violations during their assaults.

“The detainees are stripped of their clothes, handcuffed, and subjected to abuse, including being forced to sit on their knees in open areas, severely beaten, harassed, exposed to harsh weather conditions and deprived of their basic needs,” Euro-Med said.

Euro-Med said it documented Israel soldiers’ use of detainees as human shields through forcing them to break into homes and tunnels in several areas they infiltrate during their ground operations in Gaza.

“Israeli forces also blew up homes on the outskirts of al-Zeitoun, al-Tuffah and al-Shuja’iya neighborhoods in Gaza City after brutally storming them, beating their male residents and stripping them of their clothes,” Euro-Med said.

Euro-Med also received testimonies about Israeli forces arresting boys and young men while they bleed or suffer from injuries as a result of their exposure to deliberate gunfire, torture and severe beating, in addition to robbing homes.

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