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Families of the Israeli captives in Gaza demand ceasefire and negotiations

Sunday 17-December-2023


The families of Israeli prisoners held by the resistance in the Gaza Strip have called on the Israeli government to “stop the fighting and start negotiations” with the Palestinian movement Hamas to secure their release.

Noam Perry, the daughter of captive Hayim Perry, said, “We only receive bodies. We want you to stop the fighting and start negotiations.” She made these remarks during a gathering in Tel Aviv on Saturday evening, following the Israeli army’s announcement that three Israeli prisoners held during a military operation in the Gaza Strip had been killed “by mistake.”

Ruby Chen, the father of 19-year-old captive Itay Chen, said, “It seems like a game of Russian roulette: who will be the next one to find out about the death of a family member? We want to know what proposal is on the government’s table.”

He added, “At the beginning, they told us that the ground operation would bring back the captives. Things are not going that way because, yes, some of them have come back, but not all of them alive. It is time to change that assumption.”

The Israeli army revealed additional details on Saturday about the three prisoners who were killed, noting that the three detainees had raised white flags and shouted “save us”, however, the soldiers fired at them.

Colonel Hatem Karim Al-Falahi, a military expert and specialist, cast doubt on the Israeli narrative, pointing out that it contains many loopholes and question marks.

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