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Hamdan: We are open to any initiative on prisoner swap

Tuesday 19-December-2023


Hamas official Osama Hamdan said that his group is ready for a prisoner swap and that any initiatives brought forward by mediators Qatar and Egypt will be reviewed.

In a press conference on Monday evening, Hamdan reiterated the group’s position that any negotiations on a hostage exchange were off the table until Israel stops its war on Gaza.

“We are open to initiatives from Qatar and Egypt about a hostage exchange that would stop the war in Gaza”, Hamdan said.

On the other hand, Hamdan pointed out that 100 Palestinians were killed in the latest Israeli massacre in Jabalaia, saying that “19,000 people were killed during the 73-day aggression against Gaza.”

“The US administration is a major partner in shedding the blood of the Palestinian people,” he added.

He further pointed out that the Israeli occupation failed to achieve its military goals in the Gaza Strip.

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