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Islamic Jihad: Large areas of Gaza turned into extermination camps

Tuesday 19-December-2023


The Islamic Jihad Movement has strongly denounced the Israeli occupation army’s persistence in attacking and besieging Gaza hospitals, especially Al-Shifa Hospital, describing its aggression against the hospitals as “part of its brutal genocidal war on the Gaza Strip.”

In a statement on Monday, Islamic Jihad also condemned the escalating Israeli massacres that claimed the lives of thousands of women, children and elderlies in Gaza.

“The Zionist Nazis have turned large areas of the Gaza Strip into extermination camps, in which innocent people die of hunger and thirst, including those with injuries and medical issues who cannot find one pill,” Islamic Jihad said.

“The US administration is responsible for these holocausts [in Gaza] and complicit in running and directing them, and its leaders and generals keep flocking to the [Zionist] entity to supervise plans of war and daily extermination of infants and innocent people,” Islamic Jihad underlined.

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