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Islamic Jihad releases video of two Israeli captives in Gaza

Wednesday 20-December-2023


Al-Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad Movement, released a video of two male Israeli captives in the Gaza Strip pleading for their release on its Telegram account on Tuesday.

The two men, who identified themselves as Gadi Moses and Elad Katzir, appeared in a short video asking for efforts to be intensified so that they can go home. They expressed their fears of getting killed by Israeli bombardment.

They warned members of the Israeli war cabinet that the lives of Israeli prisoners in Gaza are in danger due to the ongoing strikes and said they feel that their government does not want them to return alive.

“I want to convey to my friends and supporters that we must increase the pressure so that the government understands what we want,” Moses said in the video. “We want every effort to be made so that we will soon arrive back home to our friends and family.”

Addressing Israeli leaders, including premier Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel army chief minister Herzi Halevi, Moses said he feared being killed by an Israeli bomb.

“This situation where we could die at any moment is an unbearable situation; there is a reasonable chance that we will also be killed tonight,” he said.

Katzir also said the bombings “endanger our lives” and urged Israeli leaders to make a prisoner exchange deal.

“We do not want to die in Gaza,” he said. “We want them to do whatever it takes to bring us home.”

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