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Osama Hamdan: The US is a partner in Gaza genocide

Thursday 21-December-2023


Top Hamas official Osama Hamdan said that the Israeli parties to the aggression lost their balance and no longer thought about the fate of their prisoners.

Addressing journalists in Beirut on Wednesday, Hamdan stressed that the Biden administration is a partner in the war and prevents it from stopping.

The Israeli occupation army commits a heinous crime by storming the homes of defenseless civilians and carrying out field executions, he said, calling for immediate and urgent global action to expose Israel’s actions and hold it accountable.

“The occupation confirms by its actions that it is a gang or militia by targeting innocent civilians.”

“The US administration must realize that the root of the problem is the presence of the occupation on our land.”

On the other hand, Hamdan hailed the Malaysian government’s decision to prevent Israeli ships from docking in its ports.

He also stressed that “the future of the Gaza Strip is to be determined by the Palestinians alone.”

Whoever thinks that he can “come over on an American or Israeli tank to Gaza or any other part of Palestine, Palestinians will consider him an agent and traitor,” Hamdan said.

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