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Sanchez: EU must recognize State of Palestine

Thursday 21-December-2023


Spanish premier Pedro Sanchez said that it is his country’s responsibility to assume the task of recognizing the State of Palestine during his term as president of the European Union (EU) before the current year ends.

“I call on the Europeans to speak clearly and with one voice about the brutal Israeli attacks on Gaza – not because the world is watching us or because history will judge us but because human beings are suffering,” Sanchez told the Spanish parliament on Wednesday.

“Young children of Gaza are suffering and losing their lives,” he highlighted.

Amid strong applause, Sanchez stressed the need for Spanish politicians and the European Union to seek out the recognition of a Palestinian state.

Sanchez also called for immediate action to curb Israel’s attacks on Gaza.

“Humanitarian aid must be able to reach people suffering from cold, hunger, and pain,” he said further.

For her part, Ione Belarra, head of Spain’s left-wing Podemos party and former social rights minister, urged Sanchez to use the term “genocide” when referring to Israel’s attacks on Gaza, stressing that “Israel poses a threat to democracy in the world.”

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