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PPS warns: Dr. Aziz Duweik’s health at risk in Israeli prisons

Saturday 23-December-2023


The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) said that Aziz Duweik, the Speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, is experiencing extremely difficult health conditions in the Israeli Negev prison.

In a press statement on Saturday, the PPS clarified that 75-year-old Duweik is currently held in the Negev desert prison and is suffering from very difficult health conditions.

Duweik “suffers from anemia and low hemoglobin due to diabetes, and he has previously undergone catheterization and kidney stone fragmentation surgeries,” according to PPS spokesperson Amjad Al-Najjar.

He further said, “Since his arrest, Duweik has not been receiving proper medical treatment, and his family and children are calling for permission to visit him to check on his health condition.”

Duweik has been detained since October 17th, and an administrative detention order was issued against him for a period of six months.

Administrative detention is passed by Israeli military occupation authorities without filing charges, based on an alleged “security threat,” and it can be repeatedly extended.

Duweik, who is from the city of al-Khalil, has been Speaker of the Legislative Council since Hamas won the majority of seats in the parliamentary elections in 2006.

Since October 7th, the Israeli occupation army has been carrying out widespread arrests in the West Bank. 4,675 Palestinians, including males and females, have been rounded up since then. The number of administrative detention orders reached 2,345.

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