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IOF kidnaps eight Gazans in besieged area of Khan Yunis

Sunday 24-December-2023


The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) kidnaped last Friday eight members of al-Agha family in Khan Yunis after they had besieged its homes and prevented anyone from leaving them since December 4.

In a statement on Sunday, the family explained that the IOF bombed a number of its homes in the eastern and western areas of Khan Yunis City and prevented ambulance and civil defense crews from reaching these homes to recover bodies of the martyrs from under the rubble and evacuate the wounded and other members of the family who were still alive.

According to its statement, a large number of Israeli soldiers stormed on Friday afternoon the house of Atef Ali al-Agha in al-Abbara street, which is located between the eastern and western areas of Khan Yunis, and kidnaped eight members of the family, including four brothers.

The soldiers also detained and interrogated children, women and elderlies during the raid, but they released them after searching Atef’s house for long hours.

There are still a number of trapped citizens, including women and children, from al-Agha family inside their homes in the area, which is surrounded by tanks and soldiers and exposed from time to time to sniper fire and artillery strikes.

Several members of the family were reportedly killed and injured after their homes were recently bombed by the Israeli army, while a number of the wounded succumbed to their injuries after ambulance crews were barred from evacuating them.

Al-Agha family held the Israeli occupation army fully responsible for any harm coming to its members who were kidnaped from their homes.

The family said that it had appealed to the Red Cross several times to reach their area to save them, but to no avail.

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