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Abu Obeida: 48 Israeli soldiers killed in last four days

Monday 25-December-2023


The spokesman of the Qassam Brigades, Abu Obeida, confirmed that the Brigades fighters killed 48 Israeli soldiers and destroyed 35 military vehicles in the last four days.

“We targeted the invading forces with missiles, anti-fortifications, and anti-personnel devices and clashed with them from zero distance,” he said.

“Our fighters have confirmed the killing of 48 Zionist soldiers, the wounding of dozens, and have carried out 24 combat missions during the past four days,” Abu Obeida added.

In the same time period, Qassam fighters have destroyed 35 military vehicles, completely or partially, he added.

“Our fighters rained down a missile attack on the city of Tel Aviv,” the spokesman underlined, adding, “Our fighters pounded the headquarters, command rooms, and gatherings of soldiers with mortar shells and short-range missiles on all fronts.”

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